How I Became A Coach—My Story

At the end of my first decade of working in the healing arts field as a single mom, I could feel my energy shifting. I had just put aside a non-profit program for teen girls that I had poured my heart and soul into that was truly a labor of love.

I realized that if I didn’t shift something soon, I would find it more difficult to recover myself, my integrity with my finances and the alignment with the Vision I held for showing up as the parent I wanted to be for my children.

I was invited to a dance class by a dear friend. The woman leading the class was someone whose name I’d heard on many occasions followed by the phrase, “You need to meet her!”

We became fast friends though she was going through one of the most difficult experiences a woman could endure. Her mother was dying of cancer and she had been her rock and hero. Ironically, I had been inviting my own mom to her classes to dance so she was able to share her own experience of loss when her mom, my grandmother, had passed of cancer almost 20 years before.

In addition to all of the synchronicities, her husband was someone I had met 10 years before, introduced to me by a coach I had hired to support me with projects I had been working on. I remember him talking about his wife with such reverence, love and adoration which impressed upon me so much that I knew I wanted to work with him. At the time his coach’s training was unobtainable for me financially. I felt soulfully and spiritually drawn to seek him out when the time was right in the future.

Connecting with these two extraordinary humans became a pivot point for me. I had done some deep digging within myself through my separation from the father of my children. So when our relationship ended and I was on my own, I went into survival mode though trusting on a spiritual level, that I was held.

I began a year-long coach training in 2011. That same year, I traveled to Europe for the first time and found a 3 bedroom home to rent for my children and I for under $1500 with a grand, beautiful bathtub in the sacred redwoods of Santa Cruz. I began working with my first coaching clients while traveling and it dawned on me that I could work from wherever I wanted and in that moment, the world became my oyster. 

My resilience increased and I began to dream big. I didn’t do the training to actually become a life coach. I did it because I knew it would transform me. I did it because I knew it would help me to restore a part of myself I had forgotten or had never known the power of.

I use the tools from that training daily. I still lean into my coach when needed. I trust myself inherently and surrender to the things I can’t control when I feel myself struggling. 

I am in love with transformation and witnessing the transformation of others. The biggest block I encounter is resisting change, even when staying in outdated ways of being is causing pain. I’ve discovered willingness is everything. Trusting ourselves is essential. Receiving is a powerful practice along with witnessing others and allowing others to witness you in a safe container.

This is why I do what I do. I’m good at it, and I breathe it. It’s who I am and it’s in every conversation, interaction and inspiration for what I want to create next.

I feel fortunate to be able to offer support when my clients are ready. I’m here if you feel called to reach out in whatever capacity feels appropriate for where YOU are in your life.

I’m also happy to announce that I have come full circle and will be offering Girl’s Rite of Passage Programs beginning this Spring! You can find details on my website under girl’s rites of passage.

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