There are an abundance of limiting stories about the future being passed around. 

Having a positive outlook can be difficult to maintain because there ARE many uncertainties and unpredictable factors.

Challenges these days include:

  • The Covid pandemic
  • Climate change & erupting fires
  • Economic and business crises’
  • Water shortages

These are the big ones.

Personal circumstances can include:

  • Illness & death
  • Income stress & loss of job
  • limited housing
  • Emotionally stressed children
  • Overwhelm & anxiety over all
  • Social disconnection

Rebuilding foundations when no one seems to have the answers can feel hopeless when everything feels so out of control.

I’d like to invite you to join me to rediscover your confidence and encourage positive ideas for yourself, your families and your communities.

Gather with women of all ages and stages of life as we put our heads together and stir the pot of collective energies.

Supporting one another as women to trust ourselves, we discover so much more!


Learn tools for success to include your highest values & priorities.

Design a powerful plan in areas of life that are most important to you.

Gather the resources, skills and people you need to take your next steps.

This is YOUR story to Claim.

Saturday September 25th, 2021

You are Infinite: 10:00am-1:00pm

Find the source of what’s stopping you from fully expressing yourself.

Discern and remove the things that no longer serve you and where you’re going.

Give your intuition a voice that speaks clearly for inner guidance to come through that is true and authentic to YOU!

Amp up your Confidence and Trust in yourself so that you have what you need wherever you go and whenever you need it.


Igniting Your Truth: 2:00- 5:00pm

Step up and step out- learn how to speak your truth in effective strategic ways.

Keep yourself clear in the face of challenges to thrive while things are burning away around you.

Tap into your true resilience using setbacks as inspiration for growth.

Gather key elements to create a plan that feels in alignment with your soul and heart’s desires.


$55 per segment

$98 for both

Satisfaction, Joy and knowing clearly what you want to express in the world becomes the journey for you to reinvent and rediscover over and over again.

Take on effective practices to live life in a way that fulfills you most - regardless of challenges or obstacles.

If you’re ready and willing to shift the paradigm, you can have it.