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Empowering Your Curiosity

90 min intensive session with Bernadine Rosso, Vision & Resilience Coach

As you say “yes” to this, your first step in your discovery process, you will notice your energy begin to percolate to the surface...

Please answer the following questions to yourself or to have them prepared for your session:

  1. What positive habits have brought you success in the past?
  2. What tends to set you back or discourage you when you’re working on a project?
  3. What will ideally be different when your session with me is complete?

Create intentions for yourself:

  • Are you willing to ditch old beliefs about yourself / your life that will not be helpful to your movement forward?
  • Can you trust your coach (me) and follow through with instructions?
  • Are you willing to be vulnerable and transparent knowing that it is a key factor to the productivity of our limited time together?

When you register using the button below, you will be prompted to schedule a time and date for your session as well as submit your payment.

Feel free to email me for support or with questions in advance:

I look forward to our time together!

Cost: $299