Exhale, a retreat for women

Are you feeling overwhelmed, overworked or anxious?

Take a time out for yourself:

A day of restoration in the Santa Cruz Mountains
May 2nd, 2020

Includes lunch, a gentle yoga session and time in a peaceful and beautiful environment with other women.

Community and connection is something we thrive on by nature of being human.
It’s overwhelming to be spinning our wheels all the time, repeating the same thoughts and questions in our own minds with no resolution.
We harbor innate wisdom that we only need quiet, time and space to tap into.
With encouragement and guidance, YOU have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from that you’ve either forgotten or just haven’t allowed for time or presence for it to bubble up to the surface to be seen or acknowledged.

It’s TIME.
To remember who you are when you are grounded and feeling confident.
To allow yourself to calm down enough to feel yourself again.
To resource yourself so you can continue to be a resource for others.

I will be your guide for the day.
Remembering to use my own tools and practices, I can now offer them to you.
I’m not perfect, but I am ok with my mistakes and shortcomings most of the time.
I want to support YOU in finding ways to transform your experiences from feeling disempowered and victimized to feeling clarity, confidence and newfound trust in yourself.

Take the day to come be with the beauty of nature and the magic of women coming together.
Create a safe space to listen and be heard and held.
Let’s Exhale together.