"Thank you for creating a magical and loving space for me this past year.  You have the most beautiful way of holding me accountable with a balance of honesty and care that nurtures me along my path.  We found each other at a very unsettling time in my life where I felt like everything was falling apart.  You have shown me that it was all really falling into place.  You have shown me that I have the tools, the magic and the light to make it all happen.  You have also taught me to let go when it feels like everything is broken, reminding that I am whole and that I am human.  You are a gift!"

Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga instructor
"Bernadine Rosso is an empowering life coach.  She helps people become un-stuck and helps them create and clarify their vision.  With her extensive toolbox, she helps her clients implement small changes on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, which set them straight on their path to achieving their goals.  She has helped me create a better life for myself and an improved future outlook.  I highly recommend working with Bernadine, whether one-on-one or in a group setting.  She truly helps people become their best."

- Juli
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

"Thanks to my coaching with Bernadine, I now have greater awareness of my life goals. I feel more productive, confident and excited about my direction both personally and professionally. Bernadine is compassionate, patient, experienced and pushes me just the right amount."

- Karen Kefauver
Social Media Coach


"Working with Bernadine helped me to assess my life goals, and how I was showing up in both my personal and professional life. Through the one-one coaching process, I came to see how my reactive, fear-based tendencies could sabotage me. I learned that with greater awareness comes choice, and having choice allows me to show up in any moment from my best/authentic self. The one who is passionate, caring, and present for her work and relationships. One who wants things to work more than she wanted to be 'right'. I got to see where I was out of integrity and where I could take greater responsbility for my own actions, well-being and overall happiness. This work has led me to a growth mindset, confidence, and ever-expanding possibilities for meeting my true purpose in life. I would recommend coaching with Bernadine to anyone who is ready to step in more deeply to life, to more impactful organizational work."

- Melissa M.
Marine Conservation Practitioner, Environmental Defense Fund

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