"Our sessions are supportive and of tremendous value. Bernadine has a tremendous skill of framing life issues in thoughtful, insightful ways, whether with my family, husband or work, holding up the mirror to my actions and reactions, while suggesting ideas to how I might view or change and adjust. She also reminds me that I’m doing a great job! We cover a lot of ground in a short time for increased efficiency and capacity at work as well as in my personal needs. She reminds me that having fun and enjoying my life is an important part of "being successful"."

- Dr. Judy Runge
Wife, Mom and Mama Judy
Metallurgical Engineer and Surface Scientist
Senior SME, Principal Engineer at Apple

Dr. Judy Runge

"Working with Bernadine helped me to assess my life goals, and how I was showing up in both my personal and professional life. Through the one-one coaching process, I came to see how my reactive, fear-based tendencies could sabotage me. I learned that with greater awareness comes choice, and having choice allows me to show up in any moment from my best/authentic self. The one who is passionate, caring, and present for her work and relationships. One who wants things to work more than she wanted to be 'right'. I got to see where I was out of integrity and where I could take greater responsibility for my own actions, well-being and overall happiness. This work has led me to a growth mindset, confidence, and ever-expanding possibilities for meeting my true purpose in life. I would recommend coaching with Bernadine to anyone who is ready to step in more deeply to life, to more impactful organizational work."

- Melissa M.
Marine Conservation Practitioner, Environmental Defense Fund


"Intentional communities built upon trust, respect and integrity are invaluable. Bernadine Rosso has cultivated this type of experience in her community of Empowered Women. She’s created a presence and space where women can share what is going on in life while also identifying what might be blocking them in taking control of their destiny. Bernadine has built a strong foundation in invaluable tools to take personal growth into ones own hands. Her coaching skills, guidance & insights offer workable strategies for roadblocks and small thinking; revealing a path forward. I very much needed this at a time when I knew a serious health issue could cause me to spin and get off track of what I’d hoped to build in my life at the time. I’m forever grateful to have participated in Bernadine’s group and did move forward as I needed to!"

- Christina
Integrative Medicine Nutrition Counselor & Author


"Thanks to my coaching with Bernadine, I now have greater awareness of my life goals. I feel more productive, confident and excited about my direction both personally and professionally. Bernadine is compassionate, patient, experienced and pushes me just the right amount."

- Karen Kefauver
Social Media Coach


"Thank you for creating a magical and loving space for me this past year.  You have the most beautiful way of holding me accountable with a balance of honesty and care that nurtures me along my path.  We found each other at a very unsettling time in my life where I felt like everything was falling apart.  You have shown me that it was all really falling into place.  You have shown me that I have the tools, the magic and the light to make it all happen.  You have also taught me to let go when it feels like everything is broken, reminding that I am whole and that I am human.  You are a gift!"

Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga instructor

"Bernadine’s guidance has both practicality and compassion. She is skilled at holding a safe space, encouraging vulnerability, and giving helpful insight and direction."

-Melissa Braun
Movement & Body Awareness Coach, Athlete

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