Courageous Joy and Empowerment Journey

Complete the Year with Passionate Vision and Personal Fulfillment!

Join this Women's Mastermind to:

  • Create a Vision you are completely Passionate about fulfilling
  • Gain Clarity and Confidence to Light the fire for action
  • Set yourself up for success regardless of circumstance and challenges
  • Dissipate Overwhelm and Anxiety, build a Powerful Platform
  • Get connected, feel supported and courageously step into a Life with Purpose

We Will Cover:

Lighting the Fire for Courageous Action

How to create a Vision that will create constant joy, sense of contribution and purpose.

Rite of Passage

Clear what is no longer needed and claim what’s next with Power and Confidence! Claim the Potency of your own personal journey.

Power of Contrast

Dissipate struggle. Breakthrough anything that has been holding you down. Use the resistance of difficult things in your life to propel you towards what you DO want!

Be the Eye of the Storm

Increase your resilience to broaden your capacity to stay grounded and peaceful. Harnessing the vibrancy of Your own truth and values to create a Life YOU choose!


3 Group Calls per Month

Led by Bernadine

Bring questions, personal experiences, places you are stuck or needing support.

Receive tools to leverage your journey, gain clarity and provide a platform to launch from.

1 Group Session 

Led by your personal mastermind group

Meet with your personal mastermind circle for support, discussion and inspired momentum in your dreams and projects to get them complete and mobilized.


We Will Learn & Explore:

  • Using shadow for fuel and momentum towards what we do want.
  • Ceremony and acknowledgement to build self love
  • 4 Pillars for Success and Balance
  • Tools to dissipate struggle and survival
women-faces (1)

“Bernadine has been an incredible light in my week for the past six months. She has helped me refocus my priorities and find new ways of being productive. Bernadine’s program held beautiful space for women to connect and support each other unlike any other areas in my life. I am so grateful for this experience!”

- Macy Grim, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor


"Bernadine is an extraordinary coach, teacher and human being. Her authentic approach to her work with me helped me to clarify my vision and my work in the world. She is inspiring and motivating to work with. We are lucky to have her making a positive difference with our community in her work with individuals, groups and the world."

- Terry Nail Willams Phd., Transformational Leadership Coach and Facilitator 

Common Questions

What will we cover in the calls?

I will usually bring a question for women to consider to prompt sharing, questions and breakthroughs in perceived limitations.

Will my personal and professional goals be addressed?

You are welcome to ask questions in the chat box that you would like to have answered OR bring situations in ANY area of your life that you would like personal support with. I will take you off of mute so we can have a conversation that will likely inspire other women on the call.

If I miss a call will I still get the value of the Mastermind?

YES! You will want to be on as many calls as possible. If you miss a call, you can listen to the recording and check in with other participants to hear their personal reflections/ experience from the call you missed.

What happens in our personal mastermind group call?

This is where you get to practice your own leadership, pull from the wisdom of the group, catch up on things you missed, and ask for one on one support from the women in your group as you share struggles and set backs. I encourage celebrating the victories together as well!

What if I can’t attend a call or if I’m having difficulty attending?

Make sure to communicate with someone in your group or text me directly to let me know when you will be missing a call, so we all know what is going on for you. Please have a conversation with me before you stop attending calls.

If something feels difficult or overwhelming, make sure to ask for support. The conversations we will be having will challenge you. It’s important to keep showing up, even if you feel like you aren’t doing enough and especially if feelings come up that are uncomfortable.

The reason for this is because we are working together to dissipate our experiences of struggle/ failure/ defeat/ victimization by moving through it in a transformative way together! Remember why you said YES to begin with, and I encourage you to review your Vision before you give up on it.

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