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Courageous Joyful Empowerment Journey

Expanded Vision & Personal Fulfillment

“Communities, countries, and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women.” - Michelle Obama

This unique and powerful Journey will support YOU as you step into what's next with effortless and authentic confidence.
With more ease, fun and overall magic, you'll find what it means for YOU to feel truly successful standing in your open-hearted truth.
We focus on creating a Vision that will create constant joy and energy, a powerful sense of contribution and inspiration as you break through anything that has been holding you down.
We will use the resistance of difficult things in your life to propel you clearly towards what you DO want!
Harnessing the challenges of your OWN experiences and claiming the clarity of your values, you increase your vibrancy. Your ability to stay grounded and peaceful under any and all circumstances increases, as does your overall resilience.

In this Women's Visionary Circle you will:

  • Create a Vision you are excited and energized by.
  • Transform apathy into action.
  • Stand in Powerful Clarity that your goals are attainable and valuable.
  • Equip yourself with a Sustainable Plan that won't lead to burnout.
  • Surround yourself with support and Feel Connected with the amazing women in your group.
Women Who Are Up to Something

"My experience in the Courageous Joyful Empowerment Journey (Women’s Mastermind Group) was definitely joyful and empowering — true to its name! I loved having a group of women, coming together for the purpose of supporting and uplifting each other in our personal journeys. Bernadine fits individual coaching into the group dynamic, helping each person into deeper self-exploration. As a coach myself, I appreciate the wealth of resources, documents, and practices we used in the mastermind as well. There is so much juicy information to revisit.

Sharing this special experience bonded me and the other women. I am grateful for these connections that I’ll have for the rest of my life.
Bernadine is kind, resourceful, encouraging, organized, and authentic. I am so grateful to her for bringing offerings like this into the world. If you’re feeling called to join the Mastermind Group, I encourage you to go for it!"

- Melissa Braun - Movement & Body Awareness Coach, Athlete


3 meetings per month for 6 months.

4 women per group.

New women may join after initial 6 months.

Tuesday 10:30-12:00pm online via Zoom.

Thursday 11-1pm in-person @ The Healthy Dragon

$1499 OR $266 per month

Contact us for details- sign up for a 30 min Clarity and Confidence Session to interview for the next Mastermind opening or ask questions.

Our intention is that each woman is heard authentically and vulnerably with confidentiality and compassion as we all have personal and professional topics that can be challenging in life.

You will receive one-on-one support from other women in the group, share struggles and setbacks, contribute wisdom and experience, and celebrate the beautiful synchronicities and magic of it ALL!

The 4th and 5th weeks of each month, I encourage you to stay connected to the women in the group through outings, calls and reviewing what we've covered and discussed.

How to Register

Use the contact page to send a message re: interest or questions. Sign up for a 30 minute Clarity and Confidence Session using the button below. Let's hear about where you're at, any details you'd like to share and what you want to get out of being in the group. Whether you decide to join the group or not, this is a powerful way to touch bases and get more clear about your direction and priorities.

Common Questions

What will we cover in the calls?

I bring questions to answer and practices to try on. This prompts sharing and will spark the breakthroughs that create the Joy and Power of the Journey.

Will my personal and professional goals be addressed?

You are welcome to ask questions in the chat box that you would like to have answered OR bring situations in ANY area of your life that you would like support with. Conversations will likely inspire other women on the call.

If I miss a call will I still get the value of the Mastermind?

YES! You will want to be on as many calls as possible. If you miss a call, you can listen to the recording and check in with other participants to hear their personal reflections/ experience from the call you missed.

What if I can’t attend a call or if I’m having difficulty attending?

Make sure to communicate with someone in your group or text me directly to let me know when you will be missing a call, so we all know what is going on for you. Please have a conversation with me before you stop attending calls.

If something feels difficult or overwhelming, make sure to ask for support. The conversations we will be having will challenge you. It’s important to keep showing up, even if you feel like you aren’t doing enough and especially if feelings come up that are uncomfortable.

The reason for this is because we are working together to dissipate our experiences of struggle/ failure/ defeat/ victimization by moving through it in a transformative way together! Remember why you said YES to begin with, and I encourage you to review your Vision before you give up on it.

The entire year's content is designed to be a rite of passage.

We investigate what we no longer need to carry around with us as habits or beliefs that no longer serve us.

Bring curiosity about the belief systems and practices that WILL support you and the projects, goals and Visions you are aiming for.

Explore what encourages positive growth and promotes success in a way that aligns with ALL of your life's priorities and passions.

Adjustment and assessment processes will be made throughout the mastermind journey alongside other women who will also be practicing maintenance and balance skills to invent a new and sustainable system, personal to each woman that is fulfilling and fun!

Consistent conversations, integrating and defining integrity in ways that resonate deeply for YOU and your personal journey! When you “arrive” at your goal, you will not have left any parts of yourself behind. Whether you “succeed” or not becomes less of a make-it-or-break-it consequence. The love of the journey becomes paramount rather than pushing yourself to exhaustion trying to get somewhere. We become more open to pleasant surprises and playful collaborations as we dance into the life of our dreams!


We Will Explore, Remember & Refine:

  • Rites of Passage and how to harness the power of your ongoing transformation.
  • Developing or enhancing your own personal ceremony, authentic spiritual expressions, and practices to acknowledge the power of Self Love.
  • Dive into the 4 Pillars for Success and Balance and other tools to dissipate struggle, feeling victimized, release resentments, and build overall resilience for any and all circumstances.
Women Who Are Up to Something

“Bernadine has been an incredible light in my week for the past six months. She has helped me refocus my priorities and find new ways of being productive. Bernadine’s program held beautiful space for women to connect and support each other unlike any other areas in my life. I am so grateful for this experience!”

- Macy Grim, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor


"Bernadine is an extraordinary coach, teacher and human being. Her authentic approach to her work with me helped me to clarify my vision and my work in the world. She is inspiring and motivating to work with. We are lucky to have her making a positive difference with our community in her work with individuals, groups and the world."

- Terry Nail Willams Phd., Transformational Leadership Coach and Facilitator 


"Intentional communities built upon trust, respect and integrity are invaluable.  Bernadine Rosso has cultivated this type of experience in her community of Empowered Women. She’s created a presence and space where women can share what is going on in life while also identifying what might be blocking them in taking control of their destiny. Bernadine has built a strong foundation in invaluable tools to take personal growth into ones own hands.  Her coaching skills, guidance & insights offer workable strategies for roadblocks and small thinking; revealing a path forward. I very much needed this at a time when I knew a serious health issue could cause me to spin and get off track of what I’d hoped to build in my life at the time. I’m forever grateful to have participated in Bernadine’s group and did move forward as I needed to!"

- Christina, Integrative Medicine Nutrition Counselor & Author


"Coming into Bernadine's Mastermind I was excited to see what it was all about but never expected it to have such a lasting impact on myself as it did. Bernadine made it such a safe space for women to share whatever came up for them in that time and always gave us encouragement to come to the call with open hearts and minds. Before taking the Mastermind, I felt disconnected with myself and what direction to take in life and I didn't know how to handle certain emotions. I was so used to pleasing everyone around me that I didn't know how to put myself first. After the 6 months, I left with clarity and more self-awareness and I now know how to claim my power in life. I highly recommend this Mastermind to any woman who's feeling uncertain, unheard, or wants to connect in with their true selves."

- Baylee Blackburn, Marketing Assistant

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