"I don't do anything unless it's fun."

Vision and Resilience Coaching


Vision and Resilience Coaching is an individualized coaching experience that equips you with accountability, achievable steps, and clear direction. Together, we develop a unique journey based on your needs and your process.

As a guide, I am dedicated to supporting others in finding their own personal empowerment, sense of purpose and responsibility.

- Claim your True Power

- Express your Creativity

- Maintain Balance & Alignment with your priorities

Is working together YOUR next step?

Let's find out!

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Bernadine has a way of helping me organize my world in a way that sings to all of my hearts. She is business savvy, assertive, strong and empowering, while still being nurturing and compassionate for the vulnerable and delicate human beings that we are. This balance of effort and ease approach helped me tremendously.

Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga instructor

I moved through my divorce with more grace/ease because Bernadine was in my corner. Without her, the trauma and paralysis may have held me back way longer. I made a 1-yr vision and to my amazement, I manifested most of my goals!


Revamp. Restore. Reclaim.
Unique One Time Offerings

Empowering Your Curiosity

90 minute Guidance & Inquiry for Clarity

Ideal support for women who are:

  1. Unsure of next steps
  2. Feeling depressed or uninspired
  3. Clear that SOMETHING needs to change


What you will get:

  • Template and actions to take for next steps
  • Clarity about where your power is and how to maintain it
  • Confidence and excitement that will propel you forward

Cost: $299

Courageous Vision Planning

3 hour Intensive on Tools for Success

Ideal preparations if you are experiencing:

  1. Overwhelm, anxiety or nervousness
  2. Concern about circumstances and setbacks
  3. Feeling alone or afraid to fail

What you will get:

  • Systems for prioritizing to add efficiency and ease
  • Playful accountability to head off potential challenges
  • Foundational practices to build connection and trust

Cost: $499

3 month to 1 year coaching programs are also available.

Let's craft something that fits the timeline of your goals and priorities!