"I don't do anything unless it's fun."

Revamp. Restore. Reclaim.

Let's Empower YOUR Journey Forward!

Vision and Resilience Coaching is about achievable steps, and clear direction. We identify your needs and your unique momentum including accountability, troubleshooting challenges that arise and creating a sustainable system for the business and personal aspects of your life.

Attune to your sense of Power.

Activate your Creative juice.

Design a life of Balance in alignment with your highest values and priorities!

I would love to support YOU through your next steps...

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Bernadine has a way of helping me organize my world in a way that sings to all of my hearts. She is business savvy, assertive, strong and empowering, while still being nurturing and compassionate for the vulnerable and delicate human beings that we are. This balance of effort and ease approach helped me tremendously.

Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga instructor

I moved through my divorce with more grace/ease because Bernadine was in my corner. Without her, the trauma and paralysis may have held me back way longer. I made a 1-yr vision and to my amazement, I manifested most of my goals!


Group Coaching Programs

Courageous Joyful Empowerment Journey

A 6 month Women's Mastermind

Santa Cruz Group Coaching by Bernadine Rosso

A Rite of Passage to prepare you for your next steps. Find out what YOUR perfect strategy is for personal and professional balance to expand your productivity with joy and ease! Includes conversations with like-minded women for support and empowerment. You don't have to do it alone!



Quest of Ignited Hearts

8 month Advanced Mastermind Group

Offered after completion of the Courageous Joyful Empowerment Journey with an opportunity to present at the Women's Evolution Retreats.



Integrating Energized Empowerment

A 9 month Program for Professional Success and Longevity

Implementing projects and business ideas in ways that speak to your heart. Review of business design components and deciding what plan feels most exciting to YOU! Set yourself up for success by anticipating setbacks with a plan to curb failures and get back on your feet and into action with as little casualties as possible. Define your goals clearly and expand your capacity to take them on.



Women's Evolution

Group coaching program santa cruz

3- 5 day Retreats conducted by women who have completed programs within Women Who Are Up To Something! An opportunity to hear what women in our community are creating, inventing and offering. A chance to collaborate, connect and get inspired.

$500-$2500 (depending on location, accommodation preferences and length)


Limitless Connections & Collaborations

2 hours online as a monthly membership to include conversations for success strategies, sharing project ideas, receiving productive feedback, and supportive listening to encourage your best self to come forth. Opportunity to ask for coaching on specific places you feel stuck or overwhelmed.

$40 per month

One on One Coaching

Vision & Resilience

Santa Cruz Life Coach

3 months of ontologically based coaching to instill powerful perceptions of yourself and what you're up to. Effective tools, practices and insights to leverage your energy and resources. Regardless of your circumstances and challenges, we can set you up for joyful success and sustained satisfaction.



Integrated Empowerment

6 months of integration, deepening and unraveling the threads of things that have historically kept you running in circles. Get to know yourself and get familiar with the choices available to you at every turn, dip and rise of your journey towards joyful, satisfying personal goals or a new or revised profession.

Elevate your Soul
1 year of support, grounding and launching yourself into a new identity of your choosing. Identify your sabotaging habits and how to curb them. Develop foundations to avoid hitting bottom. Design strategies to overcome any life challenge. Love yourself and others unconditionally on a daily basis.