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Bernadine's STORY


Offering support, guidance and coaching. Mentoring and witnessing the power and potency of women of all ages for over 25 years.

Originally from San Jose, California, Santa Cruz County has been my home since 1994. Within this unique community, I have given birth at home twice, became a certified massage therapist and ontological coach, founded a rite of passage program for teen aged girls, and transformed my own experience as a single mom for over ten years, from surviving to thriving in the face of social stigmas and historic judgment. I develop online programs and host circles and retreats for women in celebration, education and through life changing transitions. Through my own personal growth, I visualized and manifested my husband, an incredible man dedicated to his children and the work he is deeply passionate about. We focus daily on how to build and maintain a healthy relationship and life together, with love at the root of our connection and joy fueling our larger visions. I recently became a grandmother while my own two grown children forge lives of their own. I hold my healing arts practice and coaching sessions at Scotts Valley Wellness Center in Californi.







My inspiration became more clear...


Over the years, I discovered that when women connect to themselves and each other, we get grounded and more clear about life priorities and how to implement them regardless of the circumstances. We can unearth wisdom that gives us deep satisfaction to help us Remember Who We Are. We can then release the fears that tend to drive us in challenging times - fears for our children and for the future we feel victimized by because it feels so unknown.

I am very aware that when women gain the courage to make choices that inspire joy in their everyday lives, something miraculous begins to emerge.

This breakthrough is what invented: Women Who Are Up To Something.

Women’s Groups, Programs and Retreats

Throughout the year, there’s always something you could join us for!



6 month personal coaching program 

Work with Bernadine 1 on 1 for a 6 month personal/ professional SHIFT that will leave you forever changed. If you’re struggling or feeling stuck, this WILL evolve you like nothing else.


Private Zoom call for Clarity & to Discover Confidence in your next steps



Wise Women's Council

A consistent conversation where women share wisdom and challenges, supporting one another as we develop deep connections for growth and powerful vulnerability in a safe and loving container.


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2024 Retreats

We have 1 day and 3 day retreats throughout the year!

Awaken Your Courageous Light

3 day in Big Sur, Ca.  September 13-15th, 2024

Women’s Evolution

3 day in Los Gatos, Ca. November 1-3rd



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DiscoverHER podcast interview



“I credit the work we did together to the incredibly strong self care routine that now pervades my life with ease.” 

Kate lives in Australia and leads yoga and surf retreats. She is an Insight Meditation Teacher.


Bernadine’s Podcast interview on DiscoverHER


I felt that Bernadine trusted in my capacity to discern and find my way forward, and in her trust and enthusiasm, I felt validated and encouraged.” 

Silvia has developed and led programs for Hospice, grief support and on resilience for UCSC.



“Bill helped me create an attainable financial plan that is already changing my life.” 


“After listening to just one episode of Bill’s podcast, everything started falling into place.”




“Bill is the secret sauce to my recent financial gains. I can’t thank him enough.” 


A 7 page e-book to inspire new perspective for sustainable success in YOUR life.