About the Program

“As a life coach and visionary, I offer one on one coaching, in addition, hosting live
events and programs online. I want to help you cultivate life/ business sustainability to
improve your personal capacity for Joy and Having Fun in Your Life!”
“I encourage my clients to think outside the box using creative strategies and
implementing projects that speak to the heart with a sense of purpose. We remove the
ceiling from what was previously thought possible, affecting personal and global
evolution to shift the paradigm towards an optimistic future.”

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Bernadine Rosso

      Bernadine has been a healing arts practitioner for over 15 years and became a life coach in 2011. She is passionate about maintaining balance with pursuits of success in all forms. As a mother of two young adults, she holds a larger vision for impacting future generations in powerful, positive ways. She mentors young people and is also a life coach, specifically encouraging women to create more sustainable life practices and self-resilience to overall, increase the capacity to impose positive change for families, communities and the world.

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