My Story

" I don't do anything unless it's fun!"

As a mother, partner, entrepreneur and Visionary, life/business sustainability is ESSENTIAL!

I’ve come to understand that every woman has her own journey.

I support women to improve the capacity for Joy, Satisfaction, and Celebrating Daily!

I choose to live my life from inspiration and self love to promote a global evolution and shift the paradigm towards an optimistic future.

Bernadine Rosso

I’ve been supporting, guiding, coaching, mentoring and witnessing the power and potency of women of all ages for over 25 years.

I have called Santa Cruz my home since 1994. Immersed in this unique culture, I’ve had two home births, became a massage therapist and ontological coach, founded a rite of passage program for teen aged girls, and transformed my experience as a single mom from surviving to thriving between 2007-2020. I am now engaged to an incredible man and recently became a grandmother!

Over the years, I discovered that when women connect to themselves and each other, we get grounded and more clear about life priorities and how to implement them regardless of the circumstances. We can unearth wisdom that gives us deep satisfaction to help us Remember Who We Are. We can then release the fears that tend to drive us in challenging times - fears for our children and for the future we feel victimized by because it feels so unknown.

I am very aware that when women gain the courage to make choices that inspire joy in their everyday lives, something miraculous begins to emerge.

This breakthrough is what invented: Women Who Are Up To Something.

"YES to YOU! The Freedom to BE Fulfilled" discoverHER Podcast Interview

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Women Who Are Up To Something

Women Who Are Up To Something is a community of women who support one another, encourage strength, inspire confidence, provide clarity and ignite fun! We commit to living life in alignment with the heart and tapping into our own limitless capacities.

As a guide, I am dedicated to supporting others in finding their own personal empowerment, sense of purpose and responsibility. I believe that when we take on our True Power, we reveal our Creative Gifts to the world and share them with the communities around us in service.This becomes our contribution to maintaining balance and participating in the interconnectedness of us all as we seek ways to express love and to love and value ourselves.

I lead these mastermind groups to share tools, teach how to implement joy and ways to elicit YOUR inner wisdom and the wisdom of others. Honoring specific practices, the capacity to hold space for each other and ourselves increases tremendously. Together, we begin to take action and ownership over our lives.

If you are interested in one on one Resilience Coaching, this would be an individualized coaching experience that equips you with accountability, achievable steps and clear direction. We would create a unique journey for you depending on your needs and process, which we would develop along the way. Ask me about the minimum commitment during our initial check in.

I am relentlessly dedicated to my own growth and well being, including my most loved ones around me. For those who are ready to keep the miracles of daily life in perspective regardless of setbacks and disappointments, I am here to help you move beyond fears and perceived limitations. I am committed to Loving Big (as my fierce love warrior friend Desiree would say) and with a vulnerable, open heart. I will always bring joy, laughter and seek out breathtaking experiences, however momentary or life-changing. I would love to see you on the journey with me!

I am so grateful for all of my teachers and peers, students and clients, lovers, friends and family who have all offered me so much growth and knowing of myself, than ever before. I am especially grateful for and in awe of my children, Isabella and Alexander, who have given me the greatest sense of love, purpose and meaning in life. In addition, I have so much love and gratitude for my partner Tim and his twin boys, Mason and Ryder, who support and inspire my joy, affection and creativity daily: I look forward to more "Good Stuff" and adventures with all of you! Let's continue to amplify it and share it 🙂


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