Clarity. Confidence. Community. Connection.

Phoenix in Flight

April- October 2024

A 7 month transformative journey


Begin on the path to Enhance the Experience of YourSelf

What you will get:

  • Clarify who you are in your Fullest Expression and Joy.
  • Develop trust in yourself.
  • Claim and call in more of what you love most.
  • Release anxieties, encourage your strengths.
  • Design and align your life with what really fulfills and energizes you.
  • Increase your capacity to receive and feel good.
  • Expand your ability to be creative, content and intuitive.
  • Awaken your innate wisdom and confidence.

What's included?

*An ongoing forum for conversations with all the women on the journey with you with weekly prompts.

*Monthly recorded videos  and workbook activities on somatic practices for nervous system regulation, meditations & visualizations for relaxation and manifestation, creative exercises for healing, clearing and transformation.

*Playlists to inspire growth, insights and to keep you aligned with your joy.

*Self care practices for maintaining your well being all along the way and tons of resources for events and other services for support.


1 day retreat in person (2) in Santa Cruz County.

3 day retreat in Big Sur, Ca.

Zoom call 1 Saturday per month (2 hours)

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A life that fulfills your heart is how you love and give to yourSelf.

Join us on this 7 month journey into the inner most parts of who you have been, who you are and who you'd like to become.

If you are ready to say "yes" and step onto the path, click the button above and join us for the introduction call Saturday March 2nd.

Sign up for Phoenix in Flight at $1491/ $213 per month

This includes-

*Videos and practices for healing and deep growth.

*Consistent connection and conversations with women in the program.

*Inspiring music playlists themed with topics we are focusing on.

*Resources of other professional women for support in all areas of life.

*Monthly 2 hour group call.

*2 one day retreats in Santa Cruz, Ca.


  • Wise Women's Council Zoom calls twice a month-included!!!
  • 3 day retreat in Big Sur, Ca. includes all food and lodging. Pricing below.


Claiming Your Strength, Shining your Light

Aug 2024 @$1399 for Program Participants.

$399 deposit/ $111 per month

 Once your registration is complete, you will receive emails with dates and details to begin your journey!