Clarity. Confidence. Community. Connection.

Women's Evolution

A weekend retreat for women

November 1-3rd, 2024!


Women desire connection with other women for a myriad of reasons...

To begin to fill your cup involves your own wisdom and is especially potent when that wisdom is reflected within a community of women that are dedicated to personal and professional growth for themselves.


There is a growing consciousness, an evolution if you will, of women remembering who they are and what they need in ways they never have had time and space to before...


Come join us, Women Who Are Up To Something and a community of women who are ready to rest, restore and allow for space and time to regenerate themselves. It's time for YOU to focus on your beautiful amazing Self. Time for us all to slow down, move our bodies, gather resources and play. To breathe deep and take in the present moment without urgency or feeling rushed.


We have created such a space for you, the evolving woman


Discover what elicits JOY within you... Feel into what energizes and excites you... what inspires you and gets your vitality up. 

Gather new tools and practices for longevity, sustainability and resilience for everyday, and in the face of challenges.

Let other women serve as your reminder to look within to recover your deep wisdom and grace, to share vulnerably and to allow yourself to thrive in celebration and in the face of overwhelm and challenges.


Come connect, be inspired, build new friendships and play, immersed in the peace and calm of the redwoods!


 $799 shared accommodations


$899 single room 


 Expand and enhance your super powers.

Embrace and embody abundance and beauty. 

Sooth your soul with play and self empowerment.

Connect with other amazing heartfelt women like you!


Break free of old habits, fears and beliefs that no longer serve you!


 Express your true self and open to your own divine guidance in the safety and company of other women who are:

-Dedicated to feeling comfortable in their bodies

-Ready to be loved and affirmed by other women

-Determined to release and move through setbacks, challenges and feelings of overwhelm or anxiousness from the past.


We have a circle of amazing women each year with an evolving selection of classes on topics of health, communication, movement, creativity, healing, peace of mind, self compassion, inner strengths and more! You get to choose what classes you want to attend throughout the weekend.

Massage and other services and magical goodies will be available for purchase to guide, support and encourage more grace and self care on your journey*.

Delicious meals will be served from Friday evening dinner to Sunday lunch. Your accommodations are sweet and cozy at the Green Mountain Retreat Center where we will all be together, having meals and attending classes. These extraordinary grounds are available for you to explore and bathe in nature. All included in your registration.

*Personal services and a variety of products will be available for purchase in addition.

 Classes to chose from are taught by women passionate about giving YOU resources, treasured tools and practices that they have dedicated their lives to because they know clearly, what makes a difference for women's healing, growth and evolution.  


It's time girl.*


We look forward to sharing the weekend with you!


 $799 shared accommodations


$899 single room 


*This event is multi-generational and gender fluid for any woman who identifies as such, of all ages. 

Come as you are, this is not about showing up perfect nor having to perform or be something that does not fit your authentic self expression .


The weekend includes an abundance of classes to be presented by the incredible women. You can browse and choose what you'd like to experience, explore and learn more about... enjoy!


You are welcome to follow up with presenters as they all offer professional services and events beyond our time together. Every woman offering her gifts is inspired to contribute to YOUR evolution for better health, fulfillment and joy!

Stay tuned for this year's list of presenters and classes!

Register now with your $499 deposit

We look forward to having you!